Our career training turns ambitions into job-ready skills and business goals into tangible results. We follow the teaching method that helps students to understand the concepts and implement it by themselves.

You can choose technology career track that includes Cloud Computing, Network Engineering and Cybersecurity.

The CloudSpace training aims to make you an expert in your chosen career track and make you capable of implementing your skills in a job. Our training program has been recognized for empowering and teaching underprivileged communities.

Our Courses


The backbone of any organization is its network. Without a properly managed, configured and secure network, your organization's communication and productivity can slow down significantly.

Cyber Security

This cybersecurity training program will teach you how to approach cybersecurity offensively and defensively through real-world examples and exercises, hands-on labs, and expert instruction.


We offer hands-on AWS courses to help you design, deploy, and secure your infrastructure and applications on the AWS Cloud.